What are we doing different

Sustainable fabric Procurement

Our body fabrics are made from 100% recycled cotton. We continuously work with our supply partners to acquire the ready made fabrics that meet our requirements and standards. 

This helps us minimize our carbon foot print on the material procurement. 

Solar energy

100% of our garment manufacturing facility is powered by solar energy. This essentially eliminates the overall carbon foot print of our manufacturing process.

Biodegradable Packaging

We have introduced biodegradable packaging to eliminate our carbon foot print on the packaging front. We are also working towards designing packaging that can have multiple after delivery use cases for the customer. 

Game changer Logistics

We have adopted a an innovative shipping policy which not only benefits our customers, but also helps bring down our logistics foot print tremendously. 

In case of any size or product issue,  we don’t ask the customer to send the item back, since the cost of sending back the product will be very high. To counter this, we have come up with an idea that benefits our customer the most. We will ask you to keep the first item, pay us only the nominal shipping fee, and we will send you the new item free of cost. You can gift the first item to a loved one or donate it, it’s yours to decide! This will help us allow more people to wear Aeronore polos and also keep our customers happy.

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