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Brand Values

A man’s individuality is often clouded by the various roles he plays throughout his life. Aeronore in its core, is our effort to pay tribute to men. We want to appreciate and honor men of all ages, colors and regions. With Aeronore, we aim to shed light to that individuality and appreciate that journey. 


Our goal is to help men express their persona and spirit through our designs, letting them speak through the blends of color and display the grandeur of a modern man.

Design Philosophy

Polo shirts are among the most popular worn garments among men, around the world. They provide the comfort of a t-shirt, while also enabling a semi formal and pristine look. 

We started with the aim to design high end polos that would help you stand out from the crowd. Each design was meant to be unique its own right, and had to convey a unique spirit. 

Our design is about feelings. Each blend of colors plays a distinctive symphony. Wearing every garment strikes a different cord in you. Every design we create brings out a different mood and energy in you. Our designs are not intended to be out layers, rather blended into your environment, with a subtle hint of uniqueness that amplifies your presence. 

We don’t aim to be drastically different, rather more meaningful.


With our core brand values and design philosophy defined, we move on to manufacturing. We wanted our manufacturing process to be as clean, sustainable and efficient as possible. With a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, we were on to a tremendous start. We were able to power our stitching and finishing process through solar energy from day 1. We have recently switched to recycled 100% cotton for all of our collections, a big win for us! 

Another initiative we have taken is to switch to biodegradable packaging for all our products. This allows us to minimize our carbon footprint tremendously.   


First of all, we have put on very detailed size charts to help our customers choose the right size. Secondly, in case of a size issue or any other product issue, we have introduced a policy where the customer can gift/donate the product at hand and we send them a brand-new product for a nominal shipping fee. What this means is that no product has to be sent out to a return fulfillment facility, neither does the product have to be shipped back to us from that facility, and the customer doesn’t have to endure long waiting times. We do incur some additional cost but it’s well justified if it means our customer is happy and our shipping carbon foot print is drastically reduced. This will also allow us to simplify our internal shipping operations and burn much less resources in the return and exchange shipping process. 

The Future

We will continue with our mission to honor men and design polo collections that are vibrant and distinguishing. We will keep striving to improve and innovate our processes to better serve our customers and the environment.

Our next aim is to develop an online ecosystem for men that focuses on improving self worth and connectivity. With Aeronore, we are working on developing a global community which focuses on both career and leisure lifestyle.

Stay Tuned!

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